#StoriesbyTWW: Twice Treasured

We’ve got a brand new edition of #StoriesbyTWW! With Stories, we wanted to put together a series that inspires our community by sharing stories of women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that have taken risks, challenges and unexplored paths to get to where they are today. Whether it’s someone just starting off their career or someone who’s looking to change paths, come back to work after a break, or simply learn, we wanted to share these stories to help our community get more perspective from people who’ve actually done it successfully. 

In this edition, we are featuring Twice Treasured, a resale platform run by three mums who wanted to make shopping for children easier – and more sustainable. Divya, Vaibhavi and Tripti haven’t just succeeded in building a resale platform, but also in creating a wonderful community of mums. Here’s their story!

Tripti, Divya & Vaibhavi

Talk to us about the story behind twice treasured. How did the idea come about? And what do you offer as part of your business?

We (Divya & Vaibhavi) met in a prenatal class, but it wasn’t until our babies were born that we really bonded. The shared experience of cluelessness really brought us together!

Being mothers of young babies/children, we experienced a fair amount of pressure to buy many things for our children, just in case

This resulted in a lot of wastage, of packing, resources and ultimately, several times, the products themselves. Particularly given how fast kids grow and outgrow their games, toys, clothes etc. fairly quickly in the first few years, there’s a LOT of products that could be used for years longer but aren’t enjoyed the our kids anymore.

We thought to ourselves, this couldn’t just be an “us” problem, it’s obviously more common than we thought. Sustainability and creating a community was always something that was close to our hearts and something we were keen on exploring together.
That is when Divya came up with the idea of preloved products and Vaibhavi combined it with the creation of a close knit community and safe space for moms. We were quick to rope in Tripti, a “veteran” mom of 2 and we established this venture as a means to empower parents with a platform for sustainable usage of children’s products.

What does a typical day at Twice Treasured look like?

It’s typically madness, to be honest. All 3 partners have “day-jobs” so there’s a lot of plates in the air so to speak.

Everybody has complementing skill sets, so their silos are quite well defined.

Our team is the secret sauce, it’s a good one that works well together to keep the machine running smoothly! Before anything big we take a call together on how it should go, assign work to each person and team and we execute the pieces we’re responsible for.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve encountered so far in your entrepreneurial journey?

The biggest challenge was lockdown, not once but twice over! The logistics aspect during lockdown was the most challenging since we are an e-commerce platform, it was also the key element to our business!

But we did what we had to do to keep things going.

The thing we’ve learnt is that it’s most important to be dynamic and to adapt based on the feedback we received.

The delivery model pre-lockdown was simply not going to work during lockdown, so we had to adapt on the fly and refine it further based on the feedback we got.

When you’re running a business for new mothers & as new mothers yourselves, things can get intense! Talk to us about how you balance it all & the things you practice when things get tough.

We definitely encourage each other to take time for ourselves. It’s gotta be a balance of work + family time. We rely on each other and our partners to be a good judge of “is this too much”, we aren’t afraid to take a day, if we need one.

The good thing is there’s a shared ethos within the team when it comes to family and drive.

We’re all equally driven to make Twice Treasured succeed but also understanding that family and health are a priority.

We’re not afraid to jump in and help each other out if someone needs a break.

What have been the most rewarding moments in this journey?

The most rewarding moments are when we know we’ve made an impact in someone’s life.

We’ve helped new mothers who have babies with illnesses or are premies and need certain products delivered immediately.

The feedback we receive after pulling something like that off really keeps us going!

We know how tough the experience of motherhood can be, especially in the initial months. So to be able to make a difference in a parent and child’s life, really puts a smile on our faces!

Some of the cute things you can pick up at Twice Treasured! They do stringent quality checks and take all the photos themselves so you know exactly what you’re getting.

What is the advice you’d give to new entrepreneurs?

There’s a couple of things we’ve taken from this experience-

There’s no “right time”. If you have an idea, start fleshing it out and try!

Waiting for the stars to align will only bring disappointment to your door.

The other is, you have to be open to changing based on feedback. Stay within your structures, don’t go wild with your changes, but also remember that you have to adapt based on the feedback you’re given.

In the first year, the 3 of us touched base every quarter, stepping back to having a birds eye view, to make sure we were on track with what we wanted to achieve and if we felt it was slipping somewhere, we’d realign to make our goals happen.

Talk to us about your relationship as partners & being each other’s workwife! What are the pros & cons (if any) of working together? 

Given the children we’re parenting are at similar ages and that our professional journey is joined in this space, the support and safety net of having someone else at your side is unparalleled.

 There’s nobody else who understands your journey quite like your workwife!

And that’s a wrap!

We’re so grateful to Divya, Vaibhavi and Tripti for taking the time out to talk to us about their journey! We hope their story inspired you. If you’d like for us to cover someone for #StoriesbyTWW, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Please email: theworkwife[dot]in[at]gmail[dot]com