What does self care mean to you?

This week on our Instagram, we asked you guys what self care meant for you. And there were some really fantastic answers! Thank you for sharing. I thought I’d also take the time to talk about what self care meant for me in some detail. So here goes –

1. Self care is NOT selfish

There is a tendency to look at self care as a luxury or as superficial, after all, a lot of popular imagery around self care is focused on long bubble baths and other expensive and time consuming activities. But the fact is that self care is essential, simply to keep your sanity in check. It’s a time where you prioritize yourself and do things that make you feel happy/relaxed. So for me, self care is an essential. Besides, if you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of those you love? Practising self care allows me to be a better partner, a better mother, a better friend and a better me.

2. Self care doesn’t have to be time-consuming

5 minute meditation sessions, 10 minute manicures, 20 minute workouts – are all valid forms of self care as far as we’re concerned. The key is to ensure that you do something small, consistently, instead of doing something once a month. I’ll give you an example – I love working out because it clears my mind. If I decided to work out for 2.5 hours on Saturday instead of 30 minutes from Monday to Friday, not only is it going to be ineffective, but it’s also going to get me injured. So make consistent pockets of time for yourself and stick to it.

3. Self care doesn’t have to be expensive

You really don’t have to buy anything to feel good about yourself. If buying something will 100% make you feel better, go for it, but never feel pressurized into buying something because it’s advertised as ‘self care’. There’s a lot of ad copy out there these days that insist that whatever they’re selling is the key to inner peace, but nope. Only you know what will bring you joy and peace. Sometimes it’s as simple as a walk. Sometimes it’s literally just texting an old friend. You don’t need to invest in expensive things to feel good about yourself and that’s what self care is about! It’s about looking inwards and seeking out what makes you happy.

And that’s what self care means for me! My favourite self care activities are exercising, getting some fresh air and doodling on my sketchbook. What are your thoughts on self care? Drop a comment below and we’ll talk!